Truman Rd CID 2018 Board of Directors


Name Business Board Position Email
Ed Hellman Ace ImageWear Chairman of the District
Susan McGinn Croft Trailer Vice-Chairman of the District
John Weilert Elmwood Cemetery Treasurer of the District
Theresa Potter Wash Time Secretary of the District
Cris Medina Guadalupe Center Director
Mark Carder The Bike Shop Director
Joe Higbee KC Windustrial Director


1.  Number. The District shall be governed by a Board of Directors (the “Board”) consisting of seven (7) Directors (the “Directors”).

2.  Qualifications. Each Director must meet the following requirements: (a)  be at least 18 years of age; (b)  be and must declare to be either an owner of real property (“Owner”) within the District, an owner of a business (“Operator”) operating within the District, or a registered voter residing within the District (“Resident”), as provided in the Act; and (c)  except for the initial Directors named in this Petition, be nominated pursuant to a slate submitted by the Board to the Mayor of the City and the City Council pursuant to the nominating procedures set forth below.

3.  Board Representation.  In order to ensure a fair representation of the District, the Board representation shall meet the following requirements: (a) at least 2 of the Directors shall be Owners; (b) at least 2of the Directors shall be Operators.

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