Next Board Meeting: Monday, November 19th
10 am at the Guadalupe Center annex at 1512 Van Brunt.


What is a CID?

A Community Improvement District (CID) is an economic development tool that allows commercial interests and private parties within an area to band together, plan business services and/or public improvements considered important to their economic vitality, and share costs through an assessment and/or tax paid by all.  A CID, through revenues from their assessment/tax, can finance many targeted services, such as general maintenance, marketing, economic development and private security. 


Other CID’s in the metropolitan area include Three Trails Crossing, Downtown, 39th St, Main St, Westport, Brookside & Northeast CID.


How does the Truman Rd CID use ours funds?
Graffiti Removal                                                                        Special Events
Enhancing Security                                                                 Crime Prevention
Public Area Beautification                                                  Landscaping
Cleaning and Maintenance                                                 Illegal Dumping
Marketing and promotion of the area to consumers and/or new businesses
Other useful, necessary or desired improvements


When and how are decisions made on what services will be provided?

The CID board of directors meets monthly to consider ways best to utilize these funds.  The BOD is made up of property owners and business operators within the District.  All Directors are unpaid and donate their time, energy and expertise to the CID.  Board positions are voted in annually, so if you are within the CID and would like to participate, please contact us.  Please feel free to contact board members at any time if you have questions, ideas or suggestions.


What areas are in the CID?

The district comprises businesses along Truman Rd from White on the east to Indiana on the west.  It also encompasses the areas just north of Truman Rd from Indiana on the west side to Van Brunt on the east side to 12th St on the north side.


How do I contact the CID?

  1. CID Office: We have a small office located within Elmwood Cemetery.  Our District Manager, Dick Bassett, can be found there most mornings.
  2. Email Dick at
  3. The monthly Board meetings are open to the public.  They are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 10 am at the Guadalupe Center annex at 1512 Van Brunt. 
  4. Contact individual Directors as needed – their contact information is listed on the Board Members page.

Contact Us Today!

Dick Bassett, District Manager

Phone: 913-908-4941

Address: 4900 Truman Road | Kansas City, MO 64127

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